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Under Study Projects For 2021 Until ‎‎2024‎

The design of the fellowship is suggested as the following:

  • Title: Fellowship on Women’s Empowerment.
  • Duration: Two Weeks for each fellowship.
  • Activities: 6 Workshops divided as the following:
    • Parliament workshop.
    • Bolton University ( 2x  workshop and seminar ).
    • UNESCO Chair Paris workshop: to be confirmed after communicating with UNESCO office Paris via an-Najah UNESCO chair.
    • Workshop with civil societies in UK.
    • Workshop with other universities  in UK (tbc).
  • This fellowship should run for 3 years, each year two fellows will visit, and it is designed for
  • Palestinian female academics only.
  • Funding: travel, expenses and accommodation to be provided by Bolton University.

Timeframe for the project is 3 years.