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The UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Democracy was ‎established in An-Najah National University in Nablus, ‎Palestine in 1997. This was done in the framework of the ‎UNESCO UNITWIN (University Twinning and Networking) ‎Program of UNESCO.‎

A number of UNESCO Chairs were created in different parts of ‎the world for the purpose of developing researches and ‎academic programs in certain fields, as well as enhancing ‎communication and strengthening ties with local and ‎international academic communities, civil society, local ‎communities, and decision-makers. The UNESCO Chair on ‎Human Rights and Democracy is one of seven scientific ‎research centers in An-Najah National University. The ‎UNESCO Chair aims to enhance and develop education and ‎human rights, participate in human rights-related researches, ‎and call for the provision of support and resources to the ‎local community.