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Constitutional Conference 2017‎

  • Feb. 16, 2017

In cooperation with the Institute of Law of Paris X Nanterre University, the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Democracy organized a Study Day in An-Najah National University on Thursday, 16 February ‎‎2017. The title of the study day was “Palestinian Constitutional Law: Reality and Perspectives”, and it was held in Zafer Al-Masri Auditorium in the old campus of the university. The study day was attended by a number of prominent Palestinian and French experts in the field of Constitutional Law, as well as a delegation from French and Palestinian universities who are specialized and concerned with the discussed subject matters.

The study day was funded by the Dutch project in An-Najah National University with an amount of ‎‎8000 Euro.

The event was inaugurated by the UNESCO Chair Director who, on behalf of An-Najah National University, welcomed the attendees from different organizations and universities. He also noted that this work came to enhance the UNESCO Chair’s cooperation with French universities and stressed the importance of learning from the long-standing experience of France in the field of Constitutional Law.

The  UNESCO  Chair  Director  also  mentioned  that,  despite  the  limited  experience  of  law  faculties  in Palestinian universities, these faculties successfully achieved a significant development in the Palestinian legal culture. Moreover, he emphasized the added value of this study day which brought together Palestinian and French Constitutional Law experts to discuss vital themes and aspects in this field. The UNESCO Chair Director also expressed his appreciation to the administration of An-Najah National University for their ongoing support and facilitation of this study day.

The event was also financed by the French Institute of the Near East, Jerusalem, where the flight for the French professors were covered. An-Najah University covered the remaining costs such as food, transport, accommodation and translations.